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TSI Mission

The mission of the Transport and Telecommunications Institute is to become a European level university of applied science offering education and scientific research in ICT and transport areas. TSI enhances its position through the delivery of excellent teaching, through the engagement in the research of international quality and the knowledge services of the highest standard, enabling us to make a significant contribution to the social, cultural, educational and economic development.

Research Strategy Vision

Research excellence and innovation are integral to the vision of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute. Our goal is to address fundamental and strategically important questions, and to deliver economic, social and cultural impact at regional, national and international levels. We engage in internationally leading research activities and collaborations.

Transport and Telecommunication Institute Research Programme (2015-2020)

Research Work strategic initiatives

  • Improving the positions in research in the number of areas of the sixth technological order
  • Integration of TTI into the global research and educational system through leading research, information and learning technologies
  • Creating a novel HR system and forming a highly professional research staff
  • Development of strategic communications and achieving high recognition of TTI nationally and globally
  • Development of the innovation ecosystem to support the growth potential of TTI in knowledge and technology transfer
  • Transformation and development of the TTI management system based on the principles of a research and business-oriented university

The structure of key TSI strategies


Strategic objectives

The University Research Strategy is presented as a series of objectives:

Research excellence and profile

  • To support and enhance existing areas of excellent research.
  • To identify and develop emerging areas of research excellence, including those that cross traditional subject or discipline boundaries.
  • To achieve an optimal performance in the national system of accreditation of scientific organizations, thereby maintaining a visible, quality assured research standing in the academic community and beyond.
  • To support the effective dissemination of original and significant research outputs through high quality outlets.
  • To understand, influence and respond to external research priorities at both national and international levels.


  • To promote and support collaboration in order to extend the quality and breadth of our research.
  • To provide support for collaborations that address strategically important priorities, including interdisciplinary research.
  • To develop sustainable collaborations nationally and internationally, working with leading HEIs, research institutions and other organisations, including industry and other commercial partners.

Sustainable research environment

  • To increase the proportion of academic staff engaged in high-quality research through recruitment and ongoing staff development.
  • To direct targeted investment towards key infrastructure and an agile research support system which fosters and sustains high quality basic and applied research and responds promptly to emerging opportunities.
  • To enhance the resilience of our research base by diversifying our engagement with external funding streams.
  • To recruit, develop and retain high-quality postgraduate research degree students and to provide them with a stimulating and supportive research environment and development opportunities.

Supporting researchers and research leaders

  • To attract, retain and reward high quality academic and research staff who are able to make a significant contribution to our research profile.
  • To encourage all staff and research degree students to reach their full research potential and to support their career development.
  • To facilitate best practice in research leadership and management, including equal opportunities and diversity.
  • To make good use of our collaborations to develop opportunities for career and skill development.

Research informs educational strategy

  • To ensure that the curriculum is informed and enriched by research.
  • To engage research-active academic staff at all levels in teaching.
  • To foster the development of research skills in students and to engage them in research, where appropriate, through taught programmes.

Social, economic and cultural impact

  • To engage with partner organisations and communities to inform our research and deliver social, cultural and economic benefits.
  • To exploit the potential of the University’s research both to generate resource for the Institution and in order to offer solutions to real- world problems.
  • To promote the impact and value of our research, to generate public understanding and awareness of the University and its contribution to society.
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