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Students’ self-government

Students’ Self-Government of Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI SP) is a student organisation that aims to solve matters related to the students’ rights and duties, organisation of events at the Institute, cooperation with other higher education institutions and public organisations, etc. With the help of the Self-Government, each student may put his or her creative abilities and organisational skills into action to their own advantage and to the benefit of the Institute.

The Students’ Self-Government of TSI organises various interesting events, i.e. intellectual games, sports events, parties and the traditional annual city-scale orienteering game "How Well Do You Know Riga?!". 

Elected members of the TSI Students’ Self-Government

  • Students’ Self-Government President - Zhanat Chokin
  • Students’ Self-Government Vice-President and Secretary - Viktorija Pizova
  • Head of Sports Department - Pavel Popov
  • Head of Finances Department - Kristina Kisiluka
  • Head of Research Department - Iurii Maksimov
  • Head of Communication and International Departments - Daniel Mitrofanov
  • Head of Academic Department - Aleksey Chernyshev
  • Head of Culture Department - Donat Platonov
  • Head of Media Department - Daniel Fedcenko
  • Julia Petrova
  • Aleksandra Fesjuka
  • Julia Ustimenko
  • Georgiy Agafonov
  • Ilja Moroz
  • Gleb Maslov
  • Artur Gabetov
  • Kirill Kleimenov
  • Sofja Muraviha
  • Daniel Kezik
  • Aleksandra Zaiceva


If you have any questions, proposals and feedback, please contact or send an email to the Students’ Self-Government!

Marina Kozevnikova

Marina Kozevnikova

Coordinator of Students’ Self-Government

Place: TSI, 1 Lomonosova Street, Riga, 1st floor, Room 126.
Phone.: +371 29 698 096


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