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Study Department

Working hours Student Support Serviss:

31.12.2018. - 01.01.2019.        New Year
02.01.2019.                              closed

Studies Department: Room 100

Opening Hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 8:30 - 18:30
  • Saturday: 8:30 - 16:00

Phone: 67100661


Studies Department settles all matters of the study process arrangement, in particular:

for students:

  • acceptance of all types of applications from students concerning all study process matters,
  • issue of references and certificates of their legal and academic status, (Apply for reference letter)
  • individual curricula and study timetable making,
  • issue of lists and appointment cards for examinations and tests,

for lecturers:

  • making and correction of lectures timetables' and examinations,
  • acceptance of claims concerning preparation of lecture-halls,
  • control of study process arrangement.

Department staff providing work with students:

Director, Marina Troshkova  

Room 100

Anastasiya Skachkova, Student support manager 

Room 100
Phone: 67100661

Ludmila Naidjonoka, Head of Student Support Service​ 

Room 100
Phone: 67109386

Olga Nikolaeva, Student support manager 

Room 100
Phone: 67100661

Tatyana Pavlova, Scheduling and the use of classrooms 

Room 102
Phone: 67100649

Larisa Voropajeva, Student case manager 

Room 100
Phone: 67100523


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