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Scholarship of the European Social Fund (2009 - 2013)

For doctoral students about the project

During the project, the grant of the European Social Fund, aimed at the acquisition of the program and the scientific degree within the framework of the project "Atbalsts Transporta un sakaru institūta doktora studiju programmas" Telemātika un loģistika "īstenošanai" (“Support of implementation of doctoral study program “Telematics and Logistics” at Transport and Communications Institute”) was given to 26 doctoral students and candidates for a degree.

Within the framework of the project, the doctoral students made more than 70 presentations at international conferences.

Within the framework of the project for the doctoral studies, a close cooperation with higher education establishments, such as Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation in Magdeburg (Germany) and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania) was established. Our doctoral students and students acquiring a degree made presentations at seminars and conferences organized by these institutions of higher education.

With the help of this project, it was managed not only to help students succeed in doctoral studies and to participate with the results of their research in international conferences, but also to invite world-renowned scientists to conduct courses and seminars for doctoral students.

The following scientists from prestigious universities of Latvia, as well as from abroad, appeared with guest lectures to doctoral students:

a.  Gunnar Klaus Prause, Professor, Dr.sc.oec., lecture course „Strategic Management and Leadership”.

b.  Vladimir Rykov, Professor, Dr.sc.ing., lecture course „Uzticamība, drošība, risks: metodoloģiskie aspekti” („Reliability, Safety, Risk: Methodological Aspects”).

c.  Ija Niedole, Professor, Dr.sc.ing., lecture course „Satiksmes sistēma teritorijas plānošanā”.

d.  Arkādijs Borisovs, Professor, Dr.habil.sc.comp., lecture course „Intelektuālās sistēmas”.



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