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Requirements Management Methods

Course "Requirements Management Methods"

TTI Lifelong Education Centre offers course "Requirements Management Methods" (32 ac.h.). (Master of Natural Sciences in Computer Science).

Course duration: 3 month (32 ac.h.)
Study Language: English
Start of Course: For more information about the start date, contact the Lifelong Learning Center Manager at or call: +371 67100652
Lecturer: Nadezda Pizika

PricePay 300 EUR

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Aim of Course

This course focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of the requirements management process: establishing, defining, modelling, and evaluating various requirements types.

On successful completion of the course, student will be able to demonstrate and employ the following:


  1. Requirements management concepts and appreciation of its importance.
  2. The roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders in the requirements engineering process.
  3. The use of requirements elicitation techniques and the relevance of the applied techniques to the specific business situations.
  4. Principles of requirements modelling.
  5. Requirements documentation development.
  6. Requirements analysis concepts.
  7. Application of requirements verification methods and validation techniques.
  8. Change management concepts.
  9. Traceability methods.
  10. Styles and methods of effective teamwork, collaboration and communication.


  1. Apply the principles of Requirements Management to the specific business cases.
  2. Identify the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders in the requirements management process.
  3. Analyze, prioritize and organize elicited requirements.
  4. Develop requirements documentation.
  5. Identify and resolve problems with requirements.
  6. Use appropriate tools to model the requirements.
  7. Conduct analysis, verification, and validation of requirements using appropriate techniques.
  8. Implement change management approaches for the specific business situation.
  9. Apply suitable traceability technique to the given case.
  10. Communicate effectively with stakeholders and team members.


  1. Establishing, defining and managing the requirements from technical, organizational and management perspectives.
  2. Assessing effectiveness of the requirements development process.
  3. Selecting appropriate tools, methods and techniques to conduct requirements development and management.
  4. Evaluating the quality of requirements analysis, verification and validation.
  5. Identifying problems during requirements gathering and management process and developing appropriate solution to resolve the situation.


Academic Supervisor (Program Chair) of the Computer and Information Science department with sound international experience, solid research and industry background and extensive experience in planning and management of Academic operations, staff development, Curriculum development, and establishing program-required infrastructure in the College environment. I have worked on obtaining and maintaining program International accreditation, building strong liaison with relevant Industry, and implementing modern innovative teaching and learning methodologies in the program delivery, including mobile learning and use of iPads in the course delivery.



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