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Foundation courses

Pre-sessional Program Foundation

Distance Learning Program

(for enrolment in a TTI program administered in English)

Course Information

Duration of the program: 280 academic hours (3 months)
Language of the program: English
Beginning of the program: 1 July, 2019 (You will be able to connect to the course at any time convenient to you.)
You are welcome to choose two or all three modules.



Course start: 1 July, 2019


Full program pricePay 480 EUR
Mathematics (120 academic hours) + Latvian Language (32 academic hours)Pay 330 EUR

English Language (128 academic hours) + Latvian Language (32 academic hours)Pay 330 EUR


Course content

TTI offers a pre-sessional program Foundation administered as a distance learning program starting from July 2019, which will allow you to enroll in any TTI program either in September 2019 or February 2020.

During the pre-sessional program, it is possible to prepare the necessary documentation to join one of the TTI study programs. Since some countries have long period to complete their documentation (3 - 6 months), pre-sessional program is a great way to use this time usefully.

TTI is one of the leading higher education establishments offering distance learning programs in Latvia. Key advantages of distance learning are the following: freedom to choose the place and time of studies, equal opportunities for people of different ages and needs, an opportunity to balance studies, work and any other engagements, an opportunity to personally plan studies, personal mobility etc.

Pre-sessional Program «Foundation» is designed to fill gaps, deepen and summarize the applicant's knowledge. The courses provide theoretical foundations for solving various tasks, and various methods and techniques for solving tasks are considered. The training materials of Online Preparation Courses contain a large number of tasks of various levels of complexity to consolidate studied material.


Course purpose:

  • Preparation of applicants for further studies in TTI in English, repetition and improvement of knowledge of the English language, mastering new approaches and ways to solve mathematical tasks, as well as learning the basics of the Latvian language and familiarizing with the culture of Latvia.

Course Tasks:

  • Improving English language skills;
  • Improving the knowledge of Mathematics;
  • Studying the initial level of the Latvian language;
  • Acquaintance with the Latvian culture and traditions;

The full program consists of 3 modules:

  • Mathematics (120 academic hours)
  • English Language (128 academic hours)
  • Latvian Language and Culture (32 academic hours)

Program aim:

  • Preparing potential students for subsequent studies in English at TTI.



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Comments or Questions, Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Lomonosova Street 1 - 404th c., Riga, LV-1019, Latvia, phone: (+371) 67100652


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