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Head:Irina Yatskiv, Dr.Sc.Ing., Prof.
Ph.: +371-7100594, Fax: +371-7100535, E-mail:
Members:Jelena Jurshevich, M.Sc.
Mihails Savrasovs, M.Sc.
Nadezda Kolmakova, M.Sc.

Topic of Research

The present research has been devoted to the further development and perfection of the methods of statistical analysis in transport sphere.

The main research activities within this frame are:

  • Forecasting the transport development and transport flows
  • Indicators of transport development constructing

Nowadays the tendencies of increasing in transportation flow make high demands for transport flow forecasting precision. It concerns any type of flow: cargo, passengers, air, rail, city traffic flow etc. The first direction of research is based on using the regressions models and time series analysis for forecasting the transport flow.

The second direction of research is connected with the following items: trying to construct the statistical models in the transport development area, the researchers often face  the  problem of considerable number of independent variables and small number of observations. The selection of only a part of them leads to the distortion of a the real situation. It is also linked with the regression models of transport development: investigating the problems of one type of transport, we cannot  consider it apart from others, because the modern transport presents one system in the social and economic respects. So, the first problem - the large number of independent variables and the small number of observations in econometric models of transport development. The second problem - the significant correlations between the indices of transportation development. It troubles the construction of corrective statistical models.

For solving these problems the factor analysis methods can be used on the preliminary step. The factor analysis helps to form more compact set of data on the basis of the initial variables and other technologies.

Also this direction concerns with possibility of constructing the scalar index which can be used for estimating the transport development the regions and countries on the basis of various considered characteristics. The discriminant and cluster analyses are used for it.

This investigation gives the possibility and provides the methodology for using the set of multivariate statistical procedures for transport development study.

Selected Publications

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