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Head:Igor V. Kabashkin, Dr.Hab.Sc.Ing, Prof.
Ph.: +371-7100594, Fax: +371-7100535, E-mail:
Members:Gennady Gatovka, Eng.

Topic of Research

  • Analysis, modelling and planning of the integrated control and monitoring systems of the on-ground complexes of navigation and radiolocation aids of air traffic control systems. The development of human machinery interface and software of the mentioned integrated complexes. System operator console is realised on the basis of standard PC-compatible computer. The opportunity of the individual monitoring and control of each of ATC systems is foreseen, as well as the opportunity of the group monitoring of the complex of one direction landing aids or one functional group (landing system, marker, locators, etc.) Mentioned complexes are operating in Tallinn Airport (Estonia) and Sheremetjevo Airport (Moscow, Russia).
  • Standby automatic switchable redundancy for multichanel radio centers of air traffic control systems: analysis and modelling of reliability and effectiveness of operating. There was developed the complex allowing to reserve controller communication radio stations of the on-ground radio centers by the reserve radio stations, the number of which is smaller that the number of communication channels. All operations of the re-tuning of radio station frequencies and commutation of the low-frequency voice channels are performed automatically. Technical decisions realised in the given complex are defended by 9 patents. The mentioned complexes are operating in 12 airports of CIS States, in particular, in Sheremetjevo Airport (Moscow, Russia).

Selected Papers

  • I.Kabashkin. Maintenance-oriented Design of New Communication Means. // Telecommunications and World Development. Prognoses, Technologies, Services. Proceedings of International Telecommunication Academy Forum ITA'97, 4-6 February 1997, Moscow. - Moscow, 1997, pp. 182-188.
  • I.Kabashkin. Dynamic Control of Structure Resources for Multistation Access of Satellite Transponder // Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Satellite Communication and Navigation Systems (SatCom'97)". September30 - October 3, 1997, Krasnoyarsk, Russia. - 1997, Krasnoyarsk, 9-14 p.
  • I.V. Kabashkin. Dynamic Reliability Models of Complex Engineering Systems Based on Petri Nets. Automatic Control and Computer Sciences. Vol. 31, N 3, pp. 46-51, 1997.
  • I.Kabashkin. Reliability Dynamic Model Based on Petri Net Application for Systems with Built-in Test Equipment // Proceedings of the 5-th International Conference "Aircraft and Helicopters Diagnostics" AIRDIAG'97. 11-12 December, 1997, Warszawa, Poland. - Warzsawa, 1997.
  • I.Kabashkin. Satellite-Based Communication Systems for Air Traffic Management: Transition Period Problems of the New Technologies Operation // Proceedings of the International Conference "Global and Regional Infotelecommunication Structures: Fiber-optic, Satellite and Mobile Communication Networks and Systems", Athens, Greece, 14-16 December, 1998. - Athens, Greece, International Telecommunication Academy, 1998, 70-75.
  • Igor Kabashkin. Reliability of Communication Channels for Air Traffic Control Systems with Periodical Sessions of Communication and Different Test Strategies // Abstracts of International Conference "Aviation Reliability (AviaRel'99)". April 20-21, 1999. Riga, Latvia. - P. 46.
  • Kabashkin I. Reliability Models of Telecommunication Systems Based on Petri Net Applications. //Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Operational Research Society of Italy "Optimisation Models of Operational and Strategic Decisions in Finance, Telecommunication and Transportation". September 18-21, 2000, Milan, Italy.
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