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Head:Eugene Kopytov, Dr.Hab.Sc.Ing, Professor
Members:Vasilijs Demidovs, Dr.Sc.Ing, Natalia Petoukhova, M.Sc

Topics of Research and Main Results

The search of the effective solutions of the future system functioning on the railway should be based on the forecast of a great number of economic, social and technical indicators characteristics of transportation processes. For this purpose it is necessary to create up-to-date Data Warehouse, which can store large amounts of information to be used for prediction. The questions of reliability and completeness of source data as well as the account of their temporal nature and the possibility of their flexible usage present the foreground of such systems.

Generally, this problem includes the following trends:

  • Developed the models and methods of data presenting and transformation in Information-Analytical Systems (IAS) on the railway, including virtual probability models of data;
  • Working out the models and methods of data presentation in Decision Support Systems on railway transport
  • Application of temporal data models to working with historical information in analytic and forecasting tasks of railway transportation
  • Development the methodology of building and improving the Information-Analytical Systems on the railway with using of newest technologies in the sphere of databases that based on the principles of Data Warehouses, Data Marts, Temporal Databases and Virtual Data
  • Analysis of the railway functioning in the last periods (retrospective analysis) and predicting its further behaviour (for example, optimization of losses from determining the value of the currency margin in mutual settlement with railway clients, analysis
  • of influence of the social-economical factors of the regions development on passenger transportation, etc.).

Selected Papers

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3. Eugene A. Kopytov, Vasilijs Demidovs. Effective Access to Historical data in Temporal Databases. In: Conference Proceedings of the International Workshops on Harbour, Maritime and Multimodal Logistics (HMS & MAS 2003), Edited by Y. Merkuryev A. Bruzzone, G. Merkurjeva, L. Novicky, E. Williams. September 18-20, 2003, Riga, Latvia: RTU, 2003, p. 235-241.

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10.  Kopytov E., Demidovs V., Petukhova N. Method of Multiversion Railway Schedule Creation in Information Systems. In: Proceedings of the 6-th International Scientific-Practical Conference ”Research, Development and Application of High Technologies in Industry”. 16-18 October 2008. St. Petersburg, Russia, Polytechnic University, pp. 17-24 (in Russian).

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