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Head:Igor V. Kabashkin, Dr.Hab.Sc.Ing, Professor
Ph.: +371-7100594, Fax: +371-7100535, E-mail:
  • Sergey Khankhaldov, Dr.Sc.Ing.;
  • Pavel Gorodnicky, Dr.Sc.Ing

Topic of Research

The research activity has been directed towards:

Reliability-centered maintenance.

  • Complex analysis and modeling of reliability and maintainability of air traffic control systems
  • Design for reliability-centered maintenance
  • Life-cycle cost analysis of air navigation systems environment
  • Analysis and modeling of logistic support for maintenance system
  • Computer aided simulation of maintenance process

Reliability programme development

  • Reliability estimation, prediction, and growth plan
  • Participate in all design reviews
  • Reliability apportionment
  • Plan and conduct reliability tests
  • Perform statistical analysis of test data
  • Maintain reliability data system
  • Provide assistance to production, quality assurance, purchasing
  • Write reliability specifications for purchased items
  • Identify causes of reliability degradation

Maintainability programme development

  • Maintainability analysis
  • Maintainability modelling
  • Maintainability predictions
  • Failure modes and effects analysis
  • Preparation of inputs to the detailed maintenance plan and logistics support analysis

Selected Papers

  • Kabashkin I. Artificial Intelligence Technology for Reliability Control in Maintenance Process of the Complex Technical Systems // Proceedings of the VIII International Congress "Maintenance of the Technical Systems". 23-26 September, 1997, Krynica Gorska, Polska.- Krynica Gorska, 1997, pp. 457-464.
  • Kabashkin I. Reliability Dynamic Model Based on Petri Net Application for Systems with Built-in Test Equipment // Proceedings of the 5-th International Conference "Aircraft and Helicopters Diagnostics" AIRDIAG'97. 11-12 December, 1997, Warszawa, Poland. - Warzsawa, 1997.
  • Kabashkin I. Computer-based Training Strategies for the Future Air Navigation Technologies // Proceedings of the 9-th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning "Teaching, Learning and Technology: A Global Search for Innovative Learning Strategies". April 15-18, 1998 Jacksonville, Florida. - Florida, USA, 1998.
  • Kabashkin I. Satellite-Based Communication Systems for Air Traffic Management: Transition Period Problems of the New Technologies Operation // Proceedings of the International Conference "Global and Regional Infotelecommunication Structures: Fiber-optic, Satellite and Mobile Communication Networks and Systems", Athens, Greece, 14-16 December, 1998. - Athens, Greece, International Telecommunication Academy, 1998, 70-75.
  • Kabashkin I. Reliability-centered Maintenance of Air Navigation Systems. - Riga, 2000. - 61 pp.
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