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Igor V. Kabashkin, Dr.Hab.Sc.Ing, Professor
Ph.: +371-7100594, Fax: +371-7100535, E-mail:

  • Irina Yatskiv, Dr.Sc.Ing.;
  • Alexandr Pankov, Dr.Sc.Ing.;
  • Alexandr Berezhnoy, M.Sc.

Topic of Research:

The main objective of the research actions is to provide a framework of analysis that can act as a decision aid in transport policies and a set of recommendations that will help to establish the priorities to be given to different projects involving trans-European connections and intermodal transport.

The research activity has been directed towards:

  • evaluating European and national projects and public decisions concerning transport networks;
  • exploring the factors favourable to the establishment of transnational and intermodal infrastructures, and to the creation of transport networks integrated at all the European, national and regional European levels. When necessary, analysing the obstacles which hindered or even excluded these factors;
  • analysing the actors' strategy in each country's private sector, and the strategy of professional organisations and interest groups representing the different modes of transport;
  • showing the benefits of intermodality in a context characterised by a continuous growth of transport demand and by the current integration of the European area (East-West; North-South). Showing how these advantages will benefit the government and national organisations in charge of representing the different modes of transport at the European level;
  • analyse and modelling of policy, administrative, economic, financial and management decisions taken to solve the problems that have arisen to date owing to the integration of transport networks.

Selected Papers:

  • Kabashkin I. Development of the Integrated Information Network for Multimodal Transport System // Proceedings of the International Conference "Distributed Computer Communication Networks (DCCN'97)", November 4-8, 1997, Tel-Aviv, Israel.- 1997, Tel-Aviv, 97-100.
  • Kabashkin I. The Main Activities of Research and Technological Development in the Field of Latvian Intermodal Transport // Proceedings of the 3-rd International Conference "Baltic Transit Gateway'98". 11-12 June, 1998, Riga, Latvia. - Riga, 1998, 88-92.
  • Kabashkin I. The Integrated Model of Information Infrastructure for Multimodal Transit Transport System//DIKU Report N 97/23, Proceedings of the Nordic Operation Research Conference NOAS'97. - University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 1998, 255-263.
  • Kabashkin I. Strategic Modelling of Intermodal Transport System // Proceedings of 2-nd International Moscow Logistic Forum'2000. February 1-4, Moscow, 2000. - 55-56.
  • Kabashkin I. Integrated Information Environment for Multimodal Transport System // Proceedings of International Scientific Symposium "Traffic Connection Between the Baltic and the Adriatic/Mediterranean, 22-23 November 2000, Zagreb, Croatia. - 27-32 p.
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