Head:Robert Svilko
Members:Vladislav Chaschin, Yury Boot, Eduard Agapitov

Topic of Research

The key goal of Aerodrome Traffic Movement, Information & Control System (ATMICS) development is to start preparation for implementation of new air navigation technologies at airport. ATMICS will unite different air navigation and aerodrome services in one information system for better cooperation, faster reaction in case of emergency situation.

This project will be realized step by step including different activities:

  • Building up a Data Fusion electronic center for processing of data from different sources: radars, satellite systems, flight data processing systems, etc.
  • Realization of detailed electronic aerodrome map with Active Layout functionality.
  • Analysis of ADS (Automatic Dependent Surveillance) technology as a major technology for the traffic control on the surface of aerodrome.
  • Realization of Data Link information interchange between airport and air navigation services
  • Implementation of A-SMGCS (Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control System) functionality inside the ATMICS system.

Selected Papers

Materials from A-SMGCS International Symposium. Stuttgart, Germany June 1999

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