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Short time scientific missions

Name, Surname: Alfonso Bahillo

Organisation: DeustoTech – University of Deusto

Grant: José Castillejo for young researchers (Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport)

Stay period: from 01.09.2016 to 01.12.2016

Research area: Smart mobility

Short description of the research area: In this research, we place the increasing penetration of digital technologies devices (smart phones, smart watches, tablets, etc.) within the broader context of their use in public spaces, not only open spaces such as parks, gardens or plazas but also closed such as train stations, museums, hospitals or city-malls. The consequences of this interweaving, which are growing at a rapid pace, are not yet fully investigated. This fact accompanied by their rapid development and increasing application possibilities, challenges urban planners, social scientists and ICT experts.

Scientific supervisor: Irina Jackiva

Name, Surname:

Vytautas Dumbliauskas


Department of Urban Engineering, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University



Stay period:

 29/06/2016 to 29/08/2016

Research area:

Transport modelling and traffic simulation

Short description of the research area:

The research area encompass analysis and modelling of Park and Ride system at macro/city level. This consist of application of travel demand modelling tools (PTV VISUM) in order to estimate potential operation of proposed Park and Ride sites and identification of optimal Park and Ride locations.

Scientific supervisor: Mihails Savrasovs

Name, Surname: Alina Verseckienė 

Organisation: Vilnius Gediminas technical university (logistics and transport management department).

Stay period: 17/02/2014 to 17/05/2014

Research area: insurance of public transportation services for people with mobility impairments

Short description of the research area: analyzing the accessibility of public transport and integration of special services for people with mobility impairments into the existing public transport system.

Scientific supervisor: I.Yatskiv

Name, Surname: Alvaro, Garcia-Castro

Organisation: Transport Research Centre TRANSyT, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

Grand: COST TU 1004

Stay period: 14/10/2013 to 1/11/2013

Research area: Transport and emission modelling

Short description of the research area: The research during the stay has been focused on the calibration and simulation of transport models in Madrid and Riga.

The case study in Madrid corresponds to a section of the M-30 ring motorway which is normally used by buses coming from North Spain and accessing to the main bus station in Madrid. In this section, a variable speed limit system have been put into operation in last month.

This research tries to find how this ITS influence the traffic performance and how this could affect the assignment in the macro model. The first step carried out during this STSM has been to program a script which simulates the effects of VSL in an already existing traffic micro model (VISSIM).

After that, we have studied how to link the VISSIM outputs with the VISUM macro model. Speed-Intensity curves have been analysed in order to obtain data to adjust the volume-delay functions (VDF) in VISUM, which will influence in the assignment model.

Procedures to calibrate both models have been discussed, analysing also literature provided by TTI colleagues.

In the framework of these case studies simulations, EnViVer software was also used in order to analyses VISSIM output and provide information about emissions and air quality.

Scientific supervisor: A.Monzon. I.Yatskiv



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