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Innovative vocational education and training in transport area (IVETTA)

Head of the Project from TSI:

Igor Kabashkin, Dr., Prof.,

Starting Point

Many long distance lorry drivers are employed by SMES which cannot easily release them for training. Lorry drivers are ambassadors for their firms when abroad and so training is essential. Flexible learning is ideal for this group.

Project Activities

  • Training needs analysis
  • Training of trainers in producing flexible learning material
  • Preparation of flexible learning materials
  • Piloting of materials produced
  • Translation of materials produced
  • Production of multi-media language CD ROM
  • Piloting of CD ROM
  • Translation of CD ROM into languages of the partnership
  • Training of trainers in evaluating the effectiveness of the training materials produced Evaluation of project activities.


Three training modules in English, Dutch, Danish and Spanish:

  • Safety and Cargo (Dutch, English)
  • Customer Care (English, Spanish)
  • Intercultural Understanding (Danish).

Multi-media language CD ROM in English, Danish, Dutch and Spanish covering:

  • Customers
  • Problems.

Training of trainers in:

  • production of flexible learning materials
  • evaluation.

The project has also resulted in the formation of a transnational network for training in the road haulage industry.


The FLEET project is funded by the LEONARDO programme and the project partners.

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