Informatīvie materiāli par gaidāmajām disertāciju aizstāvēšanām



Nadezda Spiridovskaya. Nontraditional Regression Models in Transport Planning and Modeling (Scientific supervisor:, professor Iryna Yatskiv, Scientific consultant, professor Alexander Andronov )


Jörg Kundler. The Methodology of Maintenance and Technical Service Model Development for Air Traffic Control Service Providers ((Scientific supervisor: Dr. habil. sc. ing., professor Igor Kabashkin)

Sergey Yunusov. Improvement of models and methods for diagnosis of gas path of gas turbine engine in aircraft power plant monitoring system (Scientific supervisors:, Professor E. Kopitov,, Professor V. Labendik. Scientific consultant:, Professor Sh. Guseynov)

Alexander Krainyukov. Reconstruction of the roadway coverage parameters by radar subsurface probing (Scientific supervisor:, Professor Valerij Kutev)


Elena Yurshevich Methodology of decision-making support based on urban transportation system microscopic models repositories (Scientific supervisor:, Professor Irina Jackiva)

Mihails Savrasovs Development of new approach for simulation and analysis of traffic flows on mesoscopic level (Scientific supervisor:, professor Jurijs Tolujevs)

Stanislav Arie Fradkin Modelling of the urban transport impact on the city atmospheric environment using apparatus of mathematical physics (Scientific supervisor: Dr. habil. sc. ing., Professor Eugene Kopytov, Associate Professor Sharif E. Guseynov, Assistant Professor Oleg Schiptsov )


Natalia Petukhova. Temporal Data Models in the Information Systems on the Railway Transport.  (Scientific supervisor: Dr. habil. sc. ing., Professor Eugene Kopytov)

Takhir Mamirov. The Development of Problems Resolution Methods of Precise Vibrodiagnostics of Transport Aggregates. (Scientific Supervisor: Dr. habil. sc. ing, Professor Vitaly P. Yeremeyev; Consultant: Dr. habil. sc. ing. Professor Igor V. Kabashkin)


Vaira Gromule. The System of Monitoring the Quality of the Coach Terminal Services for the Realisation of a Conception of a Passenger Logistics Centre in a Multimodal Transport System. (Scientific supervisor: Dr. sc. ing., Professor Irina Yatskiv)


Alexander Berezhnoy. Investigation of the Traffic Flow Models Managing Parameters Influence on the Efficiency of the Urban Traffic Control. (Scientific supervisors: Dr. habil. sc. ing., Professor Igor V. Kabashkin, Dr. math., Associate Professor Sharif E. Guseynov)


Andrejs Solomenikovs. Simulation Modelling and Research of Marine Container Terminal Logistics Chains. Case study of Baltic Container Terminal. (Scientific supervisor: Dr. habil. sc. ing., Professor Jury Merkuryev; Consultant:  Dr. habil. sc. ing., Professor Igors Kabaškins)


Vasilijs Demidovs. Development of Models of the Dataware of Decision Support Systems at the Railway. (Scientific supervisor:, Professor Eugene Kopytov)

Helen Afanasyeva. The Estimation of Transport Logistic Processes Models on the Base of Intensive Computer Methods of Statistics. (Scientific supervisor: Dr. habil. sc. ing., professor Alexander Andronov)

Andrejs Romanovs. Application of Multi-Criteria Analysis Methods to the tourist information system development (Scientific supervisor: Dr. habil .sc. ing., Professor Jury Merkuryev)


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