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FP5: Thematic network on GNSS-2

Head of the Project from TSI:

Igor Kabashkin, Dr. hab.sc.ing., Prof.,

Taking into account forecasted traffic demand the vital role of satellite navigation applications cannot be overestimated in future air navigation system. It is proposed to join the efforts of interested aviation participants such as airline, service provider, research and training entities with respect to the practical evaluation of the GNSS benefits for aviation applications.

Participants are to validate and confirm the GNSS effectiveness level as a sole navigation mean for all phases of flight up to the CAT I precision approach (first 2 years of the Program) and up to the CAT II, CAT III precision approaches along with the D-GNSS based ASMGCS (rest part of the Program).


It is proposed to carry out Trials program in order to validate a number of GNSS applications.

It is supposed that the trials will cover practical validation of concerned parameter values (as integrity, accuracy, availability and continuity) for different phases of flights.

Installation of differential corrections ground station in Riga International Airport will allow to form the GBAS-function up and validate precision D-GNSS approaches as well.

Brief description of the work:

  • Development of the Project Plan;
  • Development of the test methodology;
  • Development of the Analyses procedures;
  • Co-ordination of the Parties1M activity;
  • Implementation of GBAS;
  • Conduct of the trials and data recording;
  • Results analyses;
  • The GNSS Training course design, based on the achieved results;
  • GNSS International seminar;
  • GNSS Training for Aviation specialists.

Expected results:

  • Practical validation of GNSS effectiveness (in terms of estimated values o accuracy, availability, continuity, and integrity) for different aviation applications, based on coordinated efforts made by the involved participants.
  • Recommendations of the gradual GNSS implementation at the National level;
  • Involvement of East European countries specialists in the above-mentioned activity, aiming increase of awareness and understanding, leading to the coherent GNSS implementation over the globe.
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