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FP5: Full airport A-SMGCS test trials (GALILEO)

Head of the Project from TSI:

Igor Kabashkin, Dr. hab.sc.ing., Prof.


  • to demonstrate the efficiency of ADS~B technology for Surface Movement Guidance and Control;
  • to estimate an accuracy of satellite positioning with differential correction in real airport environment;
  • to estimate stability to interference of the VHF datalink as well as STDMA media access protocol;
  • to develop and validate Surface Movement Guidance and Control procedures;
  • to develop methodology and algorithms of ADS~B data processing and display.

Brief description of the work:

The work will include the following basic phases:

  • development of the Project Plan;
  • development of requirements for SMGC System of the Riga International Airport;
  • development of appropriate procedures for SMGC;
  • training of Air Traffic Controllers;
  • development of airport layout for ADS data display;
  • development of appropriate software for ADS data display;
  • development a Trials Programme;
  • investigation of a set of significant parameters to be registered during the tests;
  • development of methodology for tests estimation;
  • installation of STDMA ground station at the Riga International Airport;
  • execution of the Demonstration Trials;
  • processing trials data.

Expected results:

  • Practical validation of datalink technology, 1differential correction an procedures;
  • Experimental values of an accuracy and stability to interference;
  • Software for ADS-B data processing and display;
  • Methodology and algorithms of data processing and display;
  • Set of procedures for Surface Movement Guidance and Control;
  • Real environment with all components to be used in advanced test trials to adapt and validate technologies and procedures in the future.

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