Development of the model of intelligent transport system of Europe-Asia multimodal corridor for optimization of Latvia-Belarus international logistics chain (TransLab) | TSI

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Development of the model of intelligent transport system of Europe-Asia multimodal corridor for optimization of Latvia-Belarus international logistics chain (TransLab)

Head of the Project from TSI: 

Alexander Grakovski,


The project aim is to improve the efficiency of the interstate transport corridors by the way of united hierarchical system of governance based on principles of intelligent transportation systems (ITS).


Latvia and Belarus are the neighbours with a common border. Through their territory pass through a significant proportion of Asia-Europe transit. The both states are bound by the long-term economic relations and transportation systems of these countries are tightly integrated as links in a single multi-modal transport network. The study of architecture and theoretical basis for constructing ITS macro and micro level for optimal traffic management in order to increase capacity, safety and service level that meets the economic and socio-political interests of both countries.

Project will

There are the project methodology, the concept, models and recommendations, joint publications and information distributed via CD, WEB, reports on seminars and conferences being important for policy decisions on the establishment of intellectual transport system "Latvia-Belarus" at the level of both governments countries and having an independent scientific value, developed in the project.

Strategic focus

  • Improving the technical means traffic management, performance and traffic conditions (intensity, speed, etc.), creating an intellectual environment monitoring and management.
  • Services (household, technical, administrative). The development of providing infrastructure. Recommendations for the Promotion of route guidance and supporting information.
  • Optimisation of spatial planning and power of logistics centres;
  • Improvements in telecommunications systems architecture, monitoring and management.
  • Safety and legal regulation.

Planned results

  • The development of methodological recommendations and projects of national and international standards on the route guide on roads and streets of the populated places, of the investigated transport corridor.
  • Models of the multimodal logistics transport corridor of Europe-Asia, passing through the territory of Latvia and Belarus.
  • Proposals to the Ministries of Transport of the Republic of Latvia and Belarus for the modernization of transport network "Latvia-Belarus", the organization of traffic management, including in the areas of road repairs.
  • The concept of intellectual transport system "Latvia-Belarus" and all of its components.

The project consists of 6 work packages:

WP1: Natural and experimental surveys, methodology for determining key points of the street- road network of international transport corridors, method of determining pockets accident, method of determining routes for car traffic.

WP2: Building of simulation models of corridor "Latvia-Belarus", as well as its individual links and transport junctions for virtual experiments with varying degrees of busy routes and collisions (congestion, smash-up, etc.), assessment of the feasibility of reconstruction and its transport network nodes (including customs conversions), taking into account the forecast traffic growth intensity.

WP3: Building, justification and verification of mathematical models of flow management, which include collisions, repairing sections of roads, position and power of logistics centres, multimodal hubs.

WP4: Formulation of the concept of building ITS (structure, composition, elements, functions, data sources).

WP5: Development of recommendations and suggestions to improve the efficiency of the transport corridor "Latvia-Belarus"; analysis of possible financial costs and forecast (estimate) of a positive effect.

WP6: Joint seminars on the project.


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