Curriculum development and implementation – Service oriented architecture (SOA)

Head of the Project from TSI: 

Boriss Mišņevs, Dr. sc. ing.

Members of the team: 

Nadežda Fiļa, Aleksandrs Krivčenkovs, Aivars Muravjovs.

Period: 2009
The aim of the project is to develop and implement SOA course for the curricula for computer science students in the faculty of Computer Science and Electronics of Transport and Telecommunication Institute (the course will be run in the bachelor program). Course is going to cover topics like SOA concept, SOA development principles, SOA components, SOA standards and Websphere BPM  tools. Besides the development of curriculum the training of one TTI lecturer and certification of the best students is included in the project. 
Project Objectives: 

  • To increase the knowledge and awareness of Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TTI) students on IBM products and technologies
  • To introduce TTI students with Websphere and other IBM SW products
  • To select best students for future employment at IBM
  • To create good basis for further cooperation with Transport and Telecommunication Institute
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