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COST Action TU1408 Air Transport and Regional Development (ATARD)

COST Action TU1408: Air Transport and Regional Development (ATARD)

Supervisor: Prof. Igor Kabashkin
Period: 2015-2019
Programme: COST Actions

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CSO Approval date13.11.2014
Start of Action25.03.2015
End of Action24.03.2019


The air transport sector is a major contributor to the globalization of the economy. Its growth was accompanied and to a certain extent caused by liberalization. The growth in traffic levels has led to congestion, at both major airports and in airspace, and to a lack of service on thin routes, thus mainly affecting core regions and remote regions. This Action investigates the relationship between air transport and regional development. The benefits that may be derived from it are both scientific and societal in nature. They include a better understanding of that relationship focusing on Europe; policy recommendations on how air transport infrastructure and service improvements should be made in order to support economic competitiveness and social cohesion; and the constitution of a network of researchers dedicated to air transport and its economic, social and environmental implications aligned with Europe 2020 strategy..

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