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Youth Summer School - K.I.D 2015

K.I.D 2015 - LevelUp: Finding Your Way through the Labyrinth of Life.

How to determine your life strategy after school? How to make passage into adulthood painless? What should you know and what to rely on when choosing further education? Organisers of the youth project LevelUp: Finding Your Way through the Labyrinth of Life will give answers to these and other questions of the graduates.

Upper form pupils and 1st/2nd year students aged 15-22 are invited to participate in the Project.

The summer camp will be held from 31 July through 07 August 2015 in Vecpiebalga, Latvia. 

Language of the event – Russian.

Everyone willing to participate needs to fill out the registration form until 28 July 2015, 23:59.

Participation fee is EUR 50.00. The organisers will provide the participants with accommodation, nourishment and transport from Riga to the camp and back free of charge. If you are eager to attend the summer school but cannot pay the amount of money specified, please address directly School Principal Dmitrijs Bočarovs.

The Project is supported by: Youth Organisation Culture. Tolerance. Friendship (Latvia) and the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council.

For all questions, please contact the coordinator of the Project Dmitrijs Bočarovs at 29 622 457 or e-mail to .

More detailed information about the Project is here.

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