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Worthy of Praise


Latvia has always been famous for active, nontrivial people. A lot of famous people have come out of this country small in terms of size and population. Many chess grandmasters, astronauts, researchers, musicians, artists, poets and prosaists were born and lived (and keep living!) here. Oļegs Ščipcovs is among them.

Mr. Ščipcovs was not born in Riga but this is where he succeeded. Here he studied at the polytechnic institute, University of Latvia, Riga Civil Aviation Engineers Institute; here he also graduated from the post-graduation studies having become the doctor of engineering, professor, and in the new times – the member of Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) Council. He was the deputy of the Saeima and the Riga City Council. He is the author of hundreds of research works, several hundreds of journalistic publications, and books: from the serious to scientific and poetry, prose, and, again – publicistic collections. One of them - Time and People - was published just a very short while ago.

In the collection, there are approximately 60 articles-reflections, articles-pains for the country which has become a real motherland for Mr. Ščipcovs. The scope of topics ranges from the attainment of independence by Latvia in 1918 (especially topical today), view on the modern times to the stories about people whom Mr. Ščipcovs was meant to meet, to the interest in chess and, what is in the nature of the pedagogue with many years' experience, – to the reflections about education.

As it was said above, Mr. Ščipcovs is not only a person with proactive attitude to life. He is not afraid to speak directly and sharply about what he thinks because he believes that telling the truth is easy and pleasant, and it will make the world a better place. “The world is now descending into chaos. During such periods, success quite often follows scoundrels”, harshly says Ščipcovs about the contemporary time. “Right before our very eyes sincerity and honesty become the disappearing qualities. They even become ill-famed. Comfort may only be found in Seneca's words: "Being disliked by bad people means to be worthy of praise”.

Are we all worthy of praise? I do not know… But I am sure that we deserve to learn the truth through the views of our unusual compatriot and contemporary.



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