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World Quizzing Championship - WQC

On Saturday, 06 June 2015, the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) will for the third time running host the World Quizzing Championship!

Everyone interested is invited to participate.

TSI, Riga Club of Connoisseurs Intellect and the Latvian Erudite League invite everyone to participate in the annual synchronous tournament – the World Quizzing Championship (WQC).

The World Quizzing Championship is an annual individual quiz contest held once a year on the first Saturday of June. The contests are held in many cities around the world on the same day. Within two hours, the competitors have, in writing, to answer 240 questions in 8 fields of knowledge, i.e. art, history, lifestyle, media, entertainment, science, sport, and the world.

In 2014, almost 2,000 players from 40 countries of the world participated in the event.

The authors of the questions are Arko Olesk (Tallinn, Estonia), Anurakshat Gupta (Bangalor, India), Paul Paquet (Montreal, Canada), Steven De Ceuster (Zoersel, Belgium), Chris Jones (Burton upon Trent, Great Britain) and Paul Bailey (Boulder, the USA).

Riga has been participating in the WQC since 2008. Experts from our city compete in the Russian and Latvian languages.

Winners of the local contest will receive medals and gifts.

We invite everyone who wants to check his/her knowledge and erudition!

You have a unique opportunity to let the whole world know about you!


Tournament date: Saturday, 06 June 2015

Venue: Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI), Room 130

Registration of participants: 10:30

The tournament starts at: 11:00

Applications to participate in the Championship may be submitted until 31 May 2015 23.00.


Applications are accepted by the quizmaster of the Riga Quiz Contest Marina Jermaka at

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