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Head:Igor V. Kabashkin, Dr.Hab.Sc.Ing, Prof.
Ph.: +371-7100594, Fax: +371-7100535, E-mail: kiv@tsi.lv
  • I.Zarumba, Dr.Sc.Ing.;
  • R.Kopitov, Dr.Sc.Ing.;
  • I. Yatskiv, Dr.Sc.Ing.;
  • Alexandr Berezhnoy, M.Sc.

Topic of Research

The main goal of the research is investigation and identification of the Riga city transport problems as set of interrelated parts (all transport modes, land-use, decision-making and financing processes) on the base of system approach and Riga City Transport Development Concept elaboration.

The main research activities within the frame of this concept are:

1.Improvement of normative and legislative systems relating to the city traffic processes:

  • a complex systemised approach to the identification and solution of the task aimed at the efficiency of the city traffic system functioning.

2. Traffic light modernisation concept for the City of Riga:

  • modernisation of traffic light objects;
  • construction and modernisation of communications;
  • preparation of the project for the City Traffic Management Centre.

3. Development of public transport in Riga:

  • determination of priority for public transport;
  • optimisation of the route network;
  • increase of cost effectiveness of municipal enterprises;
  • establishment of information system for passengers.

4. Analyse and modelling of parking places organisation on the streets and multi-storey garages.

5. Development of urban transport telematics:

  • automatic incident detection;
  • adaptive urban traffic control systems;
  • parking information systems;
  • VMS (Variable Message Signs)-based traffic control;
  • emergency management;
  • RDS (Radio Data System)-based and GSM-based navigation and route guidance;
  • digital maps;
  • electronic payment and tolling;
  • public transport information systems;
  • fare collection systems;

Selected Papers

1. Kabashkin I., Zarumba I. Identification and Modelling of Urban Transport System: Case Study in Latvia // Proceedings of the Eighteenth IASTED (International Association of Science and Technology for Development) International Conference "Modelling, Identification and Control". February 15-18, 1999, Innsbruck, Austria.- 114-116.
2. Igor Kabashkin. Transport Telematics.- Riga, 1999, 342 p.
3. Zarumba I., Kabashkin I. Riga Transport Development Programme 1999-2003 // Proceedings of the 4-th International Conference "Baltic Transit Gateway'99". Research and Development in the Modern Transportation Technology. May 27-28, 1999, Riga, Latvia. - 30-33.
4. Kabashkin I., Zarumba I. Urban Transport Development Programme: Case Study in Latvia // Proceedings of the International Conference "Modelling and Management in Transportation". October 12-16, 1999. Poznan-Cracow, Poland. - Vol. 2, 313-318 pp.
5.  Kabashkin I., Zarumba I. Riga City Transport Development Programme // Computer Modelling and New Technologies, Vol. 4, N 1, 2000. - 84-87 p.

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