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The TSI Robotics Club team's success in the Latvian Robotics Championship Stage 2

On January 26, 2019, at the Jāņa Eglīša Preiļu Gymnasium was completed the third Preiļu Robotics Championship, which is also the second stage of Latvian Robotics Championship.

This year 60 teams and 355 robots were announced for the competition, which is a new record of participants in Latvian Robotics Competition. 

In competition took part not only the best Latvian engineers, but also very strong teams from Lithuania and Belarus. TSI’ Robotics Club team also was very successful in this competition. In total, 6 awards were won in the Latvian Robotics Championship.

In LEGO Sumo discipline as always was very great competition. The 1st place in a very intense battle with Daugavpils participant won Valerie Korol’s robot. 

In LEGO Folkreis competition Danila Spica and Anton Minajev took 1st and 2nd place accordingly. But in LEGO line-tracking discipline, our team took the  all prizes: Kiril Ivanov took 3rd place, Danila Spica - 2nd, and Valerie Korol – 1st!

More information about the results and also photos and videos you can find here:

For help and support in organising the Robotics Championship TSI team also received an appreciation from Preiļu Council. 

Big thanks to the TSI Robotics Club Coordinator, TERC engineer Igor Laksa for preparing the team for competition. 

Good luck and success to our team in next stages of Latvian Robotics Championship!


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