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Add an event to your plan calendar: 06 June 2019. TSI.

Don’t waste time guessing your future since the most demanding professions in the near future are in plain sight! You will be able to teleport to the year 2030 very soon. We start on 06 June!

On 06 June, come to the Mecca of future professions – Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) – where the Doors Open Day will take place. We look forward to welcoming school graduates planning to get a Bachelor's degree as well as graduate students planning to continue their master studies.

From 11:00 to 14:00, we will be waiting for the future bachelors and their parents, and those interested in studying for a Master's degree.

You already understand that the best investment in the future is higher education, don’t you? Or it would be better to say – the education that is demanded! You won’t have to worry about that if you decide to study at TSI. You just have to choose the study direction!

Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) is the place where the most demanded competencies can be acquired. The list of specialities offered by TSI is updated on a yearly basis. TSI's new study directions are aviation management, robotics and international finance. By the way, did you know that TSI has opened a new robotics laboratory and that we have the largest collection of electronic resources in Latvia?

Our graduates have fundamental knowledge, practical skills and personalities with undeniable leadership qualities; they are professionals in their field who are both fluent in several languages ​​and are athletes – and these are not the qualities of three separate supermen; today's TSI students are "three in one".

During the Doors Open Day, you will be able to visit our Institute, get acquainted with students and teachers, get advice on admission, internship and employment opportunities, additional education as well as visit TSI scientific laboratories and feel the students' living atmosphere. Only on the Doors Open Day you be will able to get first-hand information about the life and studies at TSI!

There will be eyes wide open with wonder, smiles, and later – the motivation to conquer the world! And, of course, a lot of surprises our event is loaded with.

We look forward to welcoming everyone desiring to study!

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