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TSI lecturers receive “Cybersecurity Ops (Operations)” certificate


From 9 to 11 January 2019, in University of Halmstad (Sweden) took place a training course -“Cybersecurity Ops (Operations)” for instructors of Cisco Networking Academy. Two lecturers of Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) – Yelena Revzina and Yelena Baranova participated in this training. 

In the international training group also participated lectures of other universities from Switzerland, Finland, Denmark and Estonia. 

Main goal of the training course -“Cybersecurity Ops (Operations)”: learn how to work with security threat incidents: classify, systemise and analyze specific events. The course is also for beginners, because it includs the optional introduction part (experienced listeners can skip it).

The event programme was very  intensive - laboratory works: conducting of attack and investigation of the incident; practical examination, etc. Training atmosphere was very friendly: colleagues helped each other and shared experience. At the end of the training, Yelena Revzina and Yelena Baranova, received a certificate becoming the first instructors in Latvia, who have the rights to teach this subject within Cisco Networking Academy. 

Admission to the TSI course has already started. More information and registration you will find here: http://www.tsi.lv/lv/content/ccna-cybersecurity-operations

In the year 2019/2020 TSI has a plan to include new course “Cyber Security Operations” within Master Programme ”Computer Science”, that allow students to acquire knowledge and practical skills in this actual IT direction.


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