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TSI IT Academy

The Head of the Research and development department
Dr.Sc.Ing. Mihail Savrasov
Phone: + 371 67 100 654
E-mail: savrasovs.m@tsi.lv
Address: 1 Lomonosova Street, Riga, LV-1019, Latvia


Since 2004 TSI IT Academy is an authorized participant of the

International Microsoft IT Academy Program.

Microsoft IT Academy Program is a global solution of Microsoft Corporation in the area of education, which allows uniting students, lecturers and professional communities of the IT-specialists. The program is foreseen for the widest audience of listeners: both for students at the initial stage of the information technologies learning and specialists and users constantly willing to improve their knowledge and skills during the whole professional activities. Learning the newest technologies, students and listeners receive wide opportunities for creating their successful carrier. Owing to cooperation with Microsoft Corporation the educational establishments acquire recognition and trust, and lecturers and students acquire a complex system of learning and interactive aids for mutual work. The program trains the high class specialists and it is an advantage for society and industry.

This Program started in January 2003 and at present over 1, 5 thousand universities, colleges and schools are participating in it all over the world. Its purpose is to provide students with possibilities to study the most topical products and technologies of Microsoft within the premises of the educational establishment, and as well to prepare efficiently for the International Microsoft Certificate tests.

IT Academy is closely connected with the Microsoft professional certification. Having passed the training course in the institute, students have the right to pass examination for certificate in one of the international certification centres, for example, at the Baltic Computer Academy, and by this, to receive a document recognized in the world market and confirming knowledge and professional skills.

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