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TSI has become more modern

Thanks to the European Union Regional Development Fund project on the modernization of STEM research programmes of the “Transport and Telecommunication Institute”(TSI), TSI is pursuing a number of developments towards the strengthening of STEM. One of them is renovation of audiences.
Three audiences have majorly changed which will allow the learning process be more comfortable. Audiences is equipped with digitally adjustable lighting, an economic, modern heating system, tuning devices, a projector, a mobile stand with control panel designed for easy use of hardware.
260 thousand euros has been spent to repair audiences, while the furniture cost 64 thousand.
In the near future audiences will be equipped with automatic blinds and ceramic blackboards. Comfortable learning is also created for persons with special needs: in audiences will be available also special areas for wheelchairs with mobile tables.
STEM study programmes are implemented in several Latvian universities and scientific institutes, which carry out research of Smart Specialization. The investments were allocated with aim to promote the economic growth.
In order to participate in the project, universities developed strategies in cooperation with professional sector organizations. The goal is to promote the training of high-level specialists for the labor market and to provide research services to Latvian companies.
Total financing of the project: The total eligible financing of the project - 1 174 189 EUR, including ERAF funding - 998 061 EUR (85%) and government budget financing - 176 128 EUR (15%). The project will be carried out within 2 years.

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