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TSI and X INFOTECH – Past, Present and Future


The company X INFOTECH has been the partner and benefactor of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) for several years now. Having a shared history, the former graduates of TSI, RAU and RKIIGA cannot stay on the sidelines of their Alma Mater's life … 

In the interview to our higher education institution, Sergejs Jeļisejevs, one of the founders of the Company and graduate of Riga Aviation University (RAU), told about the collaboration with TSI and future plans.



Your company plays an important role in the life of TSI. How was the idea of such collaboration born?

- Thank you for appreciating our collaboration with TSI! At the very beginning of our partnership the history of which goes back about seven years we could not imagine the eventual outcome. We did not even understand what to expect from this collaboration, what we could offer to the students in terms of work and perspectives, and, finally, what we could count on in the long run. However, despite the fact that at that moment our company had the status just of a micro-enterprise, we had enormous plans for the future, ambitious goals to achieve. Today, X INFOTECH has a solid reputation in the electronic identity document and payment card business all over the world. Our business grows rapidly, we increase the quantity of proposed services and products which gives us an enormous potential for providing hundreds of work places in the long view. Nowadays, we employ 2-3 people per month and permanently ensure that approximately ten students undergo instruction.

I am confident that our collaboration with TSI is mutually beneficial. This is the guarantee of success.

Over the last 7 years our company has demonstrated a tremendous leap forwards in its development both in terms of quality and quantity. Moreover, it is directly connected with the development of active collaboration with the Institute, its applicants, students and graduates!

I must admit that the collaboration with TSI helped us find our best employees who form the core of our enterprise. That is why we value highly and appreciate our collaboration.

Why did you choose TSI?

- The reason is simple. Three of four co-owners of the company X INFOTECH studied at TSI, RAU and RKIIGA. Approximately 50% of the employees of our company also studied at TSI.

I would call it some invisible bond that was formed during our studies at TSI. Only later did we obtain positive experience and could enjoy excellent results of the collaboration.

But we do not want to stop at that. It is planned that further on we will be able to increase the quantity of our scholarship students and even offer compensation for the instruction to the graduates. We have already discussed with the Institute the possibility of developing a specialised training programme which will be adapted to our sphere of activity as well as of creating a group of applicants who will be trained according to this programme.

Nowadays nearly everyone speaks a lot about the shortage of specialists in the field of IT. What are your thoughts on this? Can this profession be regarded as attractive and what prospects are opened before the graduates who have acquired education in this field?

- I have always considered IT to be a contemporary, promising and, possibly, even the best direction. Education in the field of IT allows working worldwide regardless of the geographical location; there are no boundaries and difficulties with product delivery to any part of the world. In our country there is everything necessary for the development of the IT business, i.e. good educational establishments, high motivation of people, massive opportunities for career growth and desire to reach the highest heights. However, local market-oriented IT companies find it difficult to lay hands on the specialists and offer a promising career to them. In general, our company prefers major projects outside the borders of the Baltic States and for this very reason we can offer very good working conditions. We solve the issue with IT specialists quickly and smoothly and offer to our employees enormous career growth opportunities.

The last year was the year of significant achievements for you. You were awarded as the best exporter of the year. Please, tell a little about it…

- Every year is significant for us; however, last year it was the first time we decided to participate in the competition Export and Innovation Award 2014 organised by the Ministry of Economics and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA). Specifically, our company’s work was awarded the top assessment; we were ranked the first in the group of small enterprises and were conferred the title The Best Exporter.

What activity in the field of IT technologies does your company deal with?

- We are the leading system integrator and MultiPerso software developer. Our company is the leader in the provision of solutions for the issuance, control and verification of electronic identification documents (electronic ID cards, electronic passports, social and medical cards). Also, we provide different services such as consultations, system integration and maintenance of embedded solutions.  Professionals in the field of smart cards and electronic documents whose hands-on experience exceeds 20 years work in our team.

We have successfully completed more than 200 projects in 40 countries of Europe, Africa, Asia and even Latin America having acquired enormous experience and unique knowledge of the market which allowed us to ensure solutions completely corresponding to the client's demands both now and in the future.

A fundamental understanding of the eID and payment card business in combination with great experience in project implementation worldwide makes us a unique partner. We are able to implement formidable projects, combine various technologies in one project, different applications and functions in one document (ICAO, biometric verification, many different applications including payment applications). In addition to the document-related systems, we offer a solution to the full-scale payment system capable of processing local payment operations (for instance, for pensioner card projects, social insurance cards, mobile payments, etc).

What are your plans for the future?

- Taking into consideration our success in the past couple of years and development trends of the business of sector in which we work, we plan a considerable increase in the turnover and increase in the profit of the Company. Moreover, we plan to open representative offices of our Company all over the world. Our employees speak six languages to communicate with the clients and partners!

Already this year the Company's stability and development might impress anyone, but for us it is just the beginning. We plan to increase the turnover hundredfold in the next five years.

We intend to conduct the whole IT development in Latvia which will provide enormous career growth opportunities to our employees.

It is planned that foreigners will work in our representation offices. Our office in Nairobi, Kenya successfully works today which makes it possible to collaborate with the clients on the territory of the entire East Africa. In the long term - opening of new representation offices, horizons and prospects!

Thank you for the interview!


This year new fellows in addition to the current company’s X INFOTECH grant holders are:

Antons Kolodinskis, Darja Makarova, Aleksandrs Paļko and Deniss Grigorjievs.



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