TSI Action Days in Association with ACCENTURE LATVIA


Action Days were held by Accenture Latvia at the Transport and Communication Institute (TSI) from 25 to 26 October 2017. This time this regular event was aimed at first-course students of the TSI Faculty of Computer Sciences and Telecommunications studying:

  • computer sciences
  • electronics
  • telecommunication systems and computer networks

The event was presented by Evgeny Kersov, Dmitry Zhuravlev-Nevsky and Aivars Sazanovics, the leading experts of Accenture Latvia.

The main purpose of this event was introducing the students to IT professions and new trends in software development, including an opportunity for the students to try a hand as developers, and a lot more.

This year, the TSI event again featured a presentation of Voice Assistant Alexa. Voice Assistant Alexa played favourite music requested by the students, found answers to tricky questions on the Internet, sent out messages and talked to the students about the weather.

The Institute was also visited by Robot Nao for the first time during this event.

Nao won the hearts of the students thanks to its brains and plastics. The robot played a ball game, did push-ups, danced and answered hard questions, too.

The students also had an opportunity to try a hand as software developers for both Alexa and Nao.

We would like to thank Maxim Yegorov, Head of Accenture Latvia, for his support, Anatoly Plotkin for organising this event and, last but not least, Evgeny, Dmitry and Aivars for their fascinating stories and presentations during the event.

Coming up next is a trip for students to Accenture Latvia, one of the largest international IT companies in Latvia, which is about to take place shortly, in November this year. During this trip students will get to know more about the world of IT.

The photo album is available here.


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