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“Transport and Telecommunication" journals – new horizons


Transport and Telecommunication Institute is one among few private higher education establishments, who puts careful attention on scientific activities.  Thereby in 2013 the group of international experts included Transport and Telecommunication institute in top 15 best research organizations in Latvia.

In addition to national and international projects' implementation, Annual International Conferences' organization and PhD students preparation (Telematics and Logistics), since 2000 TSI publish own scientific journal - Transport and Telecommunication. At present journal is peer-reviewed open access journal which is published in English, four times per year. Journal's articles are indexed by more than 20 bibliographic databases, among them, journal is indexed by SCOPUS database (supported by ELSEVIER - academic publishing company).

Based on data from SCIMAGO (http://www.scimagojr.com/) internet portal, which provides analytical snapshot about journals published in SCOPUS database, our journals has significantly improved its quality and shows positive development dynamics for last year. This is proved by main journals quality indexes. 

According classification of SCOPUS, articles, which are published in journal are targeted on Computer Science and Engineering. In category "Computer Science" journal improved his quality and moved to Q3 quartile, in category "Engineering" moved to Q2 quartile.

Based on SCIMAGO data could be seen that for last years were significantly increased number of citations and in same time number not cited articles were decreased.

It allows to conclude about positive dynamics in journal development and emphasize interest of research community to the articles published in journal.

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