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Transport and Logistics

General information

Awarded academic degree: Master of Social Sciences in Transport and Logistics

Accreditation: until 31 December 2023

Complete study programme volume: 82 credit points (123 ECTS) / 62 credit points* (93 ECTS)

Possible forms of education and study languages:

  • Full-time – 2 years / 1.5 years* (english) Courses available during day or evenings
  • Part-time – 2.5 years / 2 years* (latvian) Courses available during Saturdays or by Module schedule (approximately 1 time per month, Friday 16:00-21:30, Saturday 8:45-17:00, Sunday 10:30-15:30 (english))

* If the applicant during previous studies has had professional internship of at least 20 CP (30 ECTS)

Enrolment requirements: higher education: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management Science or Economics, or higher professional education of the second level in Logistics, Transport, Management Science and Economics (if applicants have degree in another field it is necessery to pass entry examination)

Admission Rules


"The master's programme in Logistics and Transport  challenges your critical thinking and analytical skills and prepares you for a career in the logistics and transport sector, which employs more than 6 million people in the EU."


Irina Yatskiv (Jackiva)
Director of the Programme

For a personality, who...

want to develop the analytical thinking and critical skills needed to effectively and efficiently supply and operate transportation facilities and services with the transportation policy, operations, and logistics

want to advance their careers to a higher position of responsibility by acquiring professional judgement of every day transport related problems

Wants to become...

transport system analytics, employed by public private company;

a logistics manager with a production company, controlling the entire logistics chain

senior manager in a technology company that is developing traffic and transport systems, where your knowledge will be very useful

Wants to be able to...

analyse transport problems, develop and analyse the solutions for resolving such problems

evaluate projects, plans and policies, taking into account the need for stakeholder participation and recognising the political, social,environmental and economic issues involved

make the complex transportation system efficient and sustainable


About the Programme

The MSc in Logistics and Transport aims to prepare students for leading management positions within: the logistics functions of manufacturers and distributors of all kinds; transport companies and other logistics service providers and; public organizations involved in the regulation and planning of transport and logistics within regional, national and international contexts.

The programme provides an intellectually challenging learning environment with wide-ranging content that spans both theory and practice. Lecturers on the programme are not only active researchers, but are also involved in business–related consultancy and government work. Students on the programme have different educational backgrounds, nationalities, and work experience, all of which serve to enrich the learning environment and prepare students for a successful international career.

As a student of programme, you will analyse real-world and theoretical problems, developing skills to design solutions for organizations operating under uncertainty and facing complex and rapidly changing markets and technologies. You will gain a strategic perspective of the relationships, flows, chains, processes, and systems comprising the international logistics and transport arena, with sustainability as a key issue. With your transport and logistics systems expertise, you will have a wide choice of challenging career opportunities. Our alumni are working as: transport system analytics, employed by a city or as consultants; a logistics manager with a production company, controlling the entire logistics chain; a technology company that is developing traffic and transport systems, where your knowledge will be very useful. Students will also be well prepared for a research career.


Tuition Fee


 Full timePart timeDistant learning
Duration2 years2,5 years 
Tuition fee EUR/year:   
EU residents2000 EUR *1600 EUR * 
Residents of the CIS and Central Asian countries3200 EUR2560 EUR 
Non-EU residents3500 EUR2800 EUR 
Daugavpils branch   

* If the tuition fee of semester is divided into monthly payments (5 payments), the amount of the tuition fee increases by 100 euro per semester.
If the annual tuition fee is divided into semester payments (2 payments), the tuition fee is increased by 100 euros per year.


Structure of the programme


Block A - mandatory courses

Business Information Systems46.0
Geography of Transport Systems23.0
Logistics Systems and Logistics Chains46.0
Methods of Data Analysis and Business Forecasting46.0
Transport Economics46.0
Research Methodology23.0
Research Seminar I23.0
Transport Policy of the EU and LR23.0
Master's Dissertation and its Defence2030.0

Block B - specialization courses

Business Process Management and Modelling46.0
Logistics and Transport Process Modeling46.0
Risk Management in Supply Chains46.0
Decision Making Methodologies23.0
Pedagogics and Psychology23.0
Practice Management Cargo and Passenger Terminals1015.0
Practice of Organizing Transportation (Specialization by Type of Transport)1015.0

Block C - elective courses

Subject of Free Choice23.0

Alumni testimonials


Jiju Jayapal

Curriculum with the latest industry trends; the excellent training materials; the emphasis on career-oriented skill development had landed me in one of the global fortune 500 companies in the country

Jiju Jayapal, SAP Logistics Business & Integration Associate, Accenture Latvia


Uljan Evteev

The master's programme compares with high practical significance and relevance, after graduating from which, I can say with confidence that I am keeping up with the times or even slightly ahead of it

Lead Analyst, Marketing Directorate PJSC «RPC United Wagon Company», Russia

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