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TRA VISIONS 2016 Student competition

TRA VISIONS 2016 competition is now officially open!

The aim of the competition is to promote new and innovative research project ideas on the topic related to the main research areas defined as strategically important to the future of the European Transport industry.





The main research areas:

  • Environment – Decarbonisation, Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
  • Vehicles & Vessels Technologies, Design and Production
  • Urban and Long-Distance People Mobility – Systems and Services
  • Freight Transport and Logistics
  • Safe, Secure and Resilient Transport Systems
  • Transport Infrastructures
  • Human Factors, Socio-Economics and Foresights
  • Automation and Connectivity
  • Enabling Environment for Innovation Implementation

In parallel to the student competition will be held a competition for senior researches and academics. Successful candidates will have to demonstrate excellence and proven impact in their field of research.

The award ceremony for both competitions will happen on next year’s TRA conference which is due for April in Poland.

For registration and participation please visit website -

For more detailed information please refer to the attached guidelines:

Student competition

Senior researches competition


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