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Telecommunication Systems and Computer Networks

Programme:  Telecommunication Systems and Computer Networks

Description of the programme:

Today in Latvia just like in the EU countries in general there is a great shortage of Information and Telecommunication Technology specialists. According to the research conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia, the local institutions of higher education roughly turn out thousands of specialists a year although the employers need at least 1,500 of those! Such high demand is understandable since information technology, electronics and telecommunications along with transport are the most dynamically developing fields.

The uniqueness of the study programme Telecommunication Systems and Computer Networks consists in the possibility to deal not only with system and network software but also with a microelectronic component of controllers, computers and communication systems, automation and all forms of control, to find bottlenecks and analyse problematic situations in the functioning of telecommunication systems and computer networks and so on. 

In addition to the above, the elements of professional training and standards of information safety are introduced in the academic programme. As a result, in addition to the Bachelor's diploma a graduate obtains at least two internationally recognised certificates, i.e. the famous CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and the TOEIC certificate (Test of English for International Communication, the American analogue of TOEFL).

The Cisco networking technology lab, telecommunications, optical electronics, satellite communication, global navigation, radiofrequency identification systems (RFID), antenna systems and microwave emission – this is not an exhaustive list of technical equipment for studies and scientific work of the students learning in this direction.

The spectrum of possible positions for the graduates of the programme ranges from a telecommunication systems operation specialist and net administrator to a systems analyst and developer of the embedded, robotised, telecommunication systems and equipment for different purposes. 

The graduates of the programme work in such companies as: Tele2, Optron, Verifone, OpusCapita, Alfa RPAR, SAF Tehnika, Accenture Latvia and many others.

Mode of study



Full-time (day/evening)

4 years

8 semesters


5 years

10 semesters


Awarded academic degree: Bachelor of Engineering Sciences in Electronics 

Accreditation: Pursuant to amendments to the Law on Institutions of Higher Education proclaimed on 4 July 2018, the programme implemented in the study direction "Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications, Computer Management and Computer Science"  "Bachelor of Engineering Sciences in Electronics" has been accredited until 31 December 2022 (Accreditation Certificate Nr. 113.)

Study languages: English, Latvian

Enrolment requirements: a document of general secondary education (general or special)

Complete study programme volume: 160 credit points

Faculty: Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunication

Tuition Fee

Director of the Programme:, Professor Alexander Grakovski,

Program description and structure: Telecommunication Systems and Computer Networks

Program code by classification directions of the Latvian Republic education: 43523 03  



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