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Study Programme "Electronics" (Master's degree)

Embedded electronic systems are a basic principle (main concept) of the development of modern electronic devices. The embedded systems support the process automation, carrying out data collection tasks, data analysis and forming control commands or messages. The embedded electronic systems are applied in devices of various applications and complexity: in motor vehicles and systems, telecommunication devices and measuring instruments, biomedical and industrial equipment, POS terminals and ATM, household and personal devices, robot systems, and toys.

According to forecasts of USA and EU analysts, the annual turnover of embedded electronic systems makes several trillion dollars and will grow twice in the next four years. At the same time, we can see great demand for more complex embedded electronic systems in which modern telecommunication technologies and intellectual algorithms are used: Internet of things, smart production, smart city, etc.

On the basis thereof, the demand for specialists capable to develop circuitry and software of embedded electronic systems at a good level is predicted.

The purpose of the Electronics master study program is the training of specialists with international-level qualification in the field of embedded electronic systems, who know design philosophy and are able to develop modern electronic real-time systems.

The main attention in the program is paid to studying design philosophy of embedded electronic systems with the use of ARM microcontrollers, programmable logic devices, and digital signal processors. In training process, the students get acquainted with mathematical methods, digital signal processing algorithms, smart analysis algorithms, and methods of their software implementation for embedded electronic systems.

All the courses of the program ensure the development of practical skills in developing embedded electronic systems on the basis of telecommunication technology, microwave electronics technology, and real-time operating systems. Research laboratory practical work at Institute of Electronics and Computer Sciences (Elektronikas un datorzinātņu institūts) allows the students to gain experience in scientific research.

A few courses of the program are given by professors participating in the Advanced Applied Electronics master program of Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

The content of study courses of the program allows the graduates to become successful specialists in any direction of the fast developing and ever-expanding area of embedded electronic systems.

The graduates of the program work and are demanded at such companies as Tele2, Optron, Alfa RPAR, SAF Tehnika, Accenture Latvia, Baltic Scientific Instruments, MikroTik Ltd, "BIS S" SIA, AS Hansamatrix, and others.

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