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Solemn Awarding of Certificates Based on the Results of the First Phase of the LEARN IT Project

On 28 May 2015, certificates were solemnly awarded to the participants of the International Scientific Project Learning with ICT use (LEARN IT)

The certificates were awarded to 25 subjects who have successfully completed the first phase of the Project - mathematics lessons using Khan Academy.  

The second phase of the Project awaits the students only in 2016, March - December .

All in all, 72 first-year students from the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) participate in the Project.


Some words about the Project

The LEARN IT project is implemented by the higher education institutions from three countries: Higher School of Economics and Innovation in Lublin (Poland), Klaipeda State College (Lithuania) and Transport and Telecommunication Institute (Latvia).

The main objective of the Project is creation of technologies which would help increase the efficiency of learning by supporting the high level of concentration in a manner adapted to the individual rhythm of learning. 

LEARN IT is a contemporary approach with the use of new technologies which takes into consideration personal characteristics and specific features of users. It is assumed that the proposals set forth within the framework of the LEARN IT project will become a good alternative to the traditional methods used for stimulation of concentration during the process of learning.

Originally, the Project is oriented toward the students studying mathematics at the partner universities. However, after completion of the Project, it will be possible to use the developed technologies not only for studying mathematics but also for studying other subjects, with other groups, regardless of their age, occupation and social status.

Creation of the Learning Lab with software for mobile devices will be the main result of the Project. 

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