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Smart Logistics and Freight Villages Initiative

General information


Project SmartLog started at 1st September, 2016. This project focuses on improving the transport corridors and reducing the time in transportation of goods by planning and investing into an ICT solution.

The project develops an IoT‐solution to logistics sector and tests it on the logistics companies across the two corridors (ScanMed and North Sea‐Baltic). The new solution would optimise all aspects of their integrated services (transportation, warehousing, crossdocking, inventory management, packaging, and freight forwarding) by eliminating the need for routine human interaction with computer systems and giving access to vast amounts of anonymized data outside an organization. That results on decreased operational costs of the companies as well as reduced time of delivery of goods. The new IT‐solution is developed and then tested by the logistics companies in optimizing four procedures along two transport corridors: ScanMed and North Sea‐Baltic.

Objectives of the project:

  1. Generation of the metrics framework
  2. Developing software and hardware, creating the prototype
  3. Testing the prototype in 2 transport corridors and reducing the time of delivery of goods

6 partners from 4 countries (Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Sweden)  are involved in the project.


  1. Kouvola Innovation (KINNO), FI - Leader partner
  2. Region Örebro county (Örebro), SE
  3. Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TTI), LV
  4. Valga County Development Agency (Valga),  EE
  5. Sensei LCC (Sensei), EE
  6. Tallinn University of Technology (TUT), EE

The project duration is 36 months – or 3 years – and the official launch date is first of September 2016.

Work pakages

The actual work has been divided into three separate work packages, each responsible for one critically important facet of the desired outcome:

  1. Working with the logistics companies in the Baltic region – work package leader Sensei LCC. This WP oversees the immediate contact, work and continuous support and feedback with the actual companies which will be taking part in the project activities and ultimately piloting the application we are developing.
  2. Analyzing the data generated by the companies by using the blockchain application – work package leader Tallinn University of Technology. This WP is responsible for generating the framework of how to analyze the operational data regarding the movements of containers across the corridors, and determining exactly what effect does the use of blockchain has to the transport times, and other core business performance metrics.
  3. Developing the blockchain fabric, application layer and the locator device – work package leader Kouvola Innovation Oy. This WP creates the necessary software and hardware tools for the companies and containers, which will be used in the process of gathering and generating the relevant operational data for eventual analysis.



Total funding:      2 194868.33 EUR

Financed by EU: 1 709884.75 EUR


Contact information

Project Manager - Lammi Mika (

Project website:

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