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Scientific workshop. Project POLITE

Each technical partner of POLITE project has to organize two national events to inform the local audience and stakeholders about the project news and achievements. This country-based approach overcomes the language barriers often encountered in European projects. The Riga national event also acts as transmitter from European to national level and complements the European dissemination efforts undertaken by the project partners. These event is organised to present project results in parallel with Component 3 achievements (event will present the best practices analysis). This event aim at fostering the transfer of POLITE achievements to the wider local/regional public and at feeding the partners' joint work at EU level by collecting stakeholders' concerns. 


The national event aim to meet the following objectives:

  • Giving the audience an insight into POLITE and the good practices that partners will exchange
  • Raising awareness among local and national public administrations and decision-makers about existing different infomobility solutions around Europe, and in particular in the respective site/country
  • Understanding better the context for applying infomobility services in the respective countries
  • Promoting co-modality and the wider use of public transport
  • Raising interest in the POLITE project and its outcomes, and motivating participants to follow the project and also attend the 2nd local event in 2014

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