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Scientific Reports

The Research and Development Department of Transport and Telecommunication Institute analysis activities of its employees annually, as summarized in the report of the scientific activities of the Institute. This report provides information on the aims and objectives of the research activities, scientific publications of the employees of Institute - articles in journals and collections of articles from the conferences, monographs and patents as well as it identifies priority areas of research, describes the local and international conferences held at the Institute and scientific journals published by the Institute and about research projects and sources of funding.

The scientific report also provides information on the structure of the Institute and its staff, the number of professors and scientists involved in international projects, the number of defended master's thesis and doctoral dissertations, on various research laboratories and training centers, represented at the Institute.


Scientific Activity Reports

Activity report

Reference year


Annual scientific activity report2018
Annual scientific activity report2017
Annual scientific activity report2016
Annual scientific activity report2015

Annual scientific activity report


Annual scientific activity report


Evaluation of the research performance of TTI


Evaluation of the research performance of TTI


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Annual scientific and academic activity report


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