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Science Day Held in TSI!

On 12 December 2014, the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) hosted Science Day.

This year the main Science Day guests and participants were first-year students. For all comers and for the first-year students in the first place the Transport and Telecommunication Institute hospitably threw open the doors of its newest laboratories: excursions and public lectures were held in the laboratories of the TSI Telecommunications, Electronics and Robotics Centre.

The key event of Science Day was the Annual International Conference Science and Technology – a Step to the Future the main goal of which was the involvement of young scientists, PhD students and students in the joint exploratory activity.

At the Conference, the reports of professors, teachers and Master's Degree students of TSI were presented on such broad themes as: Computer Problems in an Information Society and the Contemporary World of Electronics, Market: Researches, Projects, Technologies and Problems of Modern Economics, Transport and Logistics, and Contemporary Problems in Higher School.

The work of Science Day was administered by Irina Yatskiv, Pro-Rector for Science and Development of TSI whose efforts and dedication were greatly appreciated by the audience!

Also, special gratitude goes to:

Igor Kabashkin, Mikhail Savrasov, Oksana Pozdnyakova, Anatoly Pozdnyakov, Alexander Krainykov, Daniil Opolchenov, Igor Lyaksa, Lev Faingloz, Yelena Baranova, Tamila Nosova, Anna Agafonova, Ludmila Gusarova, Oksana Skorobogatova, Inessa Romanets, Marta Voicāne, Inna Vertliņa-Kovaļska, Evgeny Chachik and Nikolai Shkuratov  for their responsiveness, promptness and professionalism!

Thanks to everyone for the participation and good luck in your future undertakings!

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