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Education in doctoral studies runs in two forms:

  • Full-time (duration - 3 years, 40 credits per year)
  • Part-time (duration - 4 years, 30 credits per year)

Doctoral program

The program of doctoral studies in the course of "Telematics and Logistics" consists of the following units

Theoretical training

  • Subjects of Block A - compulsory subjects, those should be taken by each doctoral student. After passing each course, a doctoral student takes an exam. In some subjects’ practical and laboratory works are also provided. For the subjects of this block doctoral student must gather 20 credit points.
  • Subjects of Block B – subjects of choice. For the subjects of this block the doctoral student must gather 20 credit points, i.e. each doctoral student must select a minimum of five subjects.

Scientific work (Block C)

Includes participation in international conferences and the publication of scientific articles. Article in the international journal or collection of conference works, which are included in the database THOMPSON, Scopus, EBSCO, is equivalent to 2 credit points, presentation at an international conference with the inclusion of abstracts in the Conference works - 1 credit point.
Doctoral student must gather 14 credit points on the block C activities

Pedagogical and educational and methodological work (Block D)

Includes lectures and seminars, practical and laboratory work, the management of bachelor and diploma works of students, methodological work at a Department of TSI.
In Block D, the doctoral student must gather 6 credit points.

Thesis (dissertation)

Block E - writing of the thesis, a completed dissertation is equal to 60 credit points.

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