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Sales in Logistics

Courses "Sales in Logistics"

TSI Lifelong Education Centre offers the course "Sales in Logistics" in the format of 2 webinars (8 AH).

Course Information

If you produce a wonderful product, but no one knows about it, then you are not producing a wonderful product. Feel free to let people know about it. (c)

Our course will help you understand the principles of creating a sales department in a logistics company from scratch. At the end of the course, you will learn how to build working sales funnels, learn how to create scripts for working with cold and warm leads and much more. Stop losing existing customers and start actively attracting new ones. You can create a sales team that really works and improve your salesperson skills!

Document: TSI Certificate of completion the course
Date: 20-21 May, 2020 Russian; May-July English
Time: 18:00 – 21:00
Language of the Course: Russian, English
Lecturer: Alexander Egorov, Visiting Lecturer, Head of Sales in company Deltra, Globelink China Investment East European Office



PricePay 50 EUR


Program description


  • Short introduction to sales
  • The difference between sales in logistics and other industries
  • The importance of having a sales system in a logistics company

Sales Department. Full Parsing

  • Sales department structure
  • Formation of a sales department
  • KPI

Control Systems. CRM Reports

  • Motivation of employees
  • Major mistakes in creating a department

Cold Calls

  • Preparing for cold calls
  • Formation of a customer base. Where to begin
  • Purpose of a cold call. Access to decision-making. Maximum information
  • Conversation script

Drawing up a Commercial Offer

  • Ideal commercial offer
  • What should not be in the offer

Work with Clients

  • How to properly distribute the work time of a department employee
  • Sales funnel
  • Categories and statuses of clients in CRM
  • Work with objections
  • Meetings as an indispensable element of sales
  • Signing of the contract and the first carriage
  • How not to lose a client after the first transportation?


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