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Robotics Tournament at TSI is a Serious Challenge!

On 21 November 2015, the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) once again hosted the Robotics Tournament.

Robotics competitions have been held at TSI for several years, and year after year they become even more gripping and popular.

The first tournament this year took place in March and was a big success; therefore, the organisers decided to conduct additional (autumn) competitions.

As a result, more than 75 teams (nearly 115 participants) from Riga, Jurmala, Ogre, Grobina, Liepaja, Valmiera, Iecava, Ventspils, Salaspils, Sigulda, Limbazi and Preili participated in the autumn season of the Robotics Tournament, and the Tournament has eventually acquired the status of one of the main competitions in Latvia among young designers and programmers.

The organisers of the Tournament are sure that the number of the participants will grow with each new stage and new records are yet to be set up!

In one word, the Robotics Tournament at TSI is a serious challenge and is here to stay!

The Sumo robot battle became the main event of the Tournament. This part of the Tournament attracted a record number of participants (45 teams in the Lego category) and spectators. Apart from sumo, the participants were expected to participate in such contests as Line Following and the Maze.


Standing in the Tournament bracket was as follows:

 Line Following contest, Free Design category:

  • 1st place – team Genuini (Rihards)
  • 2nd place – team Genuini (Deivids)
  • 3rd  place – team Darasa

 Line Following contest, Lego category:

  • 1st place – team Limbazi Gymnasium (Reinis) 
  • 2nd place – team Liepajas Central Primary School
  • 3rd  place – team Doritos

Labyrinth contest, Lego category:

  • 1st  place – team Havok 
  • 2nd  place – team Nikita (Jelgava)
  • 3rd  place –  team Get rekt m8

Mini Sumo contest, Free Design category:

  • 1st place – team RoboQuick. 
  • 2nd  place – team PVG (Matiss)
  • 3rd  place – team PVG (Linards)

 Mini Sumo contest, Lego category:

  • 1st  place – team Mega mech team 
  • 2nd  place – team RoboWolf
  • 3rd  place – team Riga Secondary School No. 80 (Aleksejs)


The winners received prizes from the organisers and sponsors of the Tournament: Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Academy of Young EngineersArgusRobotiem.lvBalticOrbisNovikontas Jūras Koledža un TransfoElectric.

Our congratulations to the winners! Also, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the participants, organisers and judges!

See you next year!

The photos of the Robotics Tournament are available here.


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