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Results of TSI Olympiad 2019

The Grand prizes - 1000 EUR for studies at TSI and smart watches from X INFOTECH – go for the the first place winners – Katerina Bozenko, Kristofers Barkans and Elina Aleksejeva.Congratulations!


The best results

In Math:

1st place: Katerina Bozenko

2nd place: Eduards Gankins

3rd place: Agnis Salmins


In Programming:

1st place: Kristofers Barkans

2nd place: Karlis Susters

3rd place: Maksims Cizikovs


In Economics:

1st place: Elina Aleksejeva

2nd place: Alesja Vardanjana

3rd place: Aleksandrs Vojevodins


In Aviation:

Mogilevsky David


For all results of the TSI Olympiad click here


The Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) express itsgratitude to the partners and sponsors of the Olympiad - X INFOTECH and ACCENTURE, as well as the participants for the good performance!

See you next year!

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