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Research and Technology - Step into the Future. 11 - 12 December 2009. TTI Research and Academic Conference

The program of the conference


Volume 4, #4 - 2009. Research and Technology - Step into the Future Scientific & Research Journal of TTI, ISSN 1691-2853, ISSN 1691-2861


Purpose of this conference is to exchange information about the held scientific-technical researches, practical developments and new directions and forms of training-methodical works of researches, educators, Doctoral students, Master's degree students and students in the area of:

  • Electronics
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Management Science
  • Transport
  • Natural Science
  • Social Science
  • Pedagogics

The order of registration on conference

For registration of your personal data we use the link:

Registration of the conference participants and abstracts

Preparing abstracts of presentations and papers

o  Recommendations for making up abstracts (in Russian)

o  Examples of making up abstracts of presentations (in Russian)

o  Requirements for making up abstracts and papers of the conference

File with abstracts should be named as follows:

1 Part - code of direction:

VA - Managers
EK - Economists
RE - Electronics
CS - Computer Science

2 Part - author's surname in Latin letters:
Example: VA_ALEKSEEVA.doc


Contact persons:

For Master's graduation course - Irina Laletina
Telephone: (+371)-67100651, e-mail:

For Doctoral students - Marina Petrunina, telephone: (+371)-67100659.

Transport and Telecommunication Institute,
1, Lomonosova, Riga, Latvia .

Official Languages

Official languages of the conference are: Latvian, Russian and English.

Organizer of the Conference

  • Transport and Telecommunication Institute (Rigа, Latvia) with support of:
  • "PAREX" Bank
  •   Latvian Association of Transport and Education Development


Transport and Telecommunication Institute (Rigа, Latvia)
1, Lomonosova, Riga, Latvia
Tel. 67100650, fax 67100660

Programming Committee

  • Igor Kabashkin, Prof., Vice Rector - Chairman
  • Irina Yatskiv, Prof., Vice Rector for Studies - Vice Chairman
  • Eugene Kopytov, Prof., Director of "Computer Science" Master's Programme
  • Boris Mishnev,Prof., Vice Rector for Study Programmes
  • Alexander Stetjuha, Prof., Director of "Management, Economics and Transport Science" Master's Programme
  • Sergey Orlov, Prof., Dean of "Computer Science and Electronics" Faculty
  • Rostislav Kopytov, Prof., Director of "Management" Master's Programme
  • Alexander Medvedev, Prof., Director of academic programme "Transport Commercial Operation "
  • Alexander Grakovski, Prof., Deputy Vice Rector for International Activity
  • Victor Truhachov, Docent.

Organizing Committee

  • Irina Yatskiv, Prof., Vice-Rector for Studies, Chairman
  • Yelena Yurshevich, Assistant Vice-Rector for Studies
  • Elena Baranova, The Faculty of Computer Science and Electronics Prodean
  • Natalja Podoļakina, The Faculty of Management, Economics and Transport Prodean
  • Alexey Halturin, Information Centre
  • Elena Rutkovska, Referent

All participants of the conference may apply to Organizing Committee for organization matters.

Participants of the Conference

In the conference all employees and students of Transport and Telecommunication Institute may take part, as well as researches, educators and students of other higher schools and organizations.

Abstracts of presentations submitted for review should be performed in accordance to requirements and contain no more than 600 words including list of references.

Abstracts of presentations will be published as a special edition before the beginning of the conference. The selected texts of presentations will be published in the research journals of Transport and Telecommunication Institute: "Computer Modeling and New Technologies" and "Transport and Telecommunication".

Conference Fee

The conference is sponsored by Transport and Telecommunication Institute.

Participation is free of charge.

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