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Registration for Semester

Dear second-to-fifth year students,

In accordance with the order of the Rector of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (No. 06-4.3/121 of 21 April 2015), starting with the Academic Year 2015-2016 mandatory registration for a semester is introduced in TSI.

To register, students need to log in to their Intranet Profile at, choose the bookmark “Registration for Semester” and press “Register”.

Registration is mandatory only for senior students. First-year students are registered automatically upon admission.

Also, in your personal profile you may read information about the academic or financial debts, if any.

Electronic registration is open from 24 August till 31 August 2015.

For more detailed information please contact Aleksandrs Skvorcovs, 67100661.

For technical support please contact Olga Grabilina, 67100577.


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