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Regarding the results of the working visit to University of Thessaly

The Vice-Rector for Research and Development professor Irina Yatskiv visited University of Thessaly (Greece) from 5 to 7 October 2015. 

The University of Thessaly was founded in 1984 and it is an administrative and research centre in the city of Volos. Today the University of Thessaly has 9.647 undergraduate students, 1.471 postgraduate students and 1.148 PhD students.

The cooperation between universities began in 2010 with the participation in the joint “COST Action TU1004: Modelling Public Transport Passenger Flows in the Era of Intelligent Transport Systems”.

During the visit, the collaboration between universities has received a new impetus.

Our interest for mutual cooperation was raised by the researchers of our Greek colleagues in the field of transport engineering, as well as at the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications.

The agreement on cooperation between universities was signed to provide mutual beneficial cooperation in research, innovation and educational activities.

In the framework of this cooperation it is planned to join publications of the results of scientific research institute employees in the journals, to conduct joint research and experiments at the level of research groups in the fields of transport engineering, information technologies and to prepare applications for realization of common scientific projects in the framework of the Project Horizon 2020, including Project Twinning and other activities.



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