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Programmers' Day in Latvia

On 19 February 2016, Latvia will celebrate the Programmers' Day. This tradition dates back as far as 1986 and has become a deep-seated tradition among the representatives of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

One of the key moments of the Event will be the ceremony of awarding the prizes of the Lady Ada Lovelace (the first female computer programmer) and Charles Babbage Foundation (the inventor of the first mechanical computer).

The awards will be given to the best students for successful scientific or practical activity in the field of computer sciences or mathematics.

You may apply for the award by filling out the form until 12 February 2016.

Within the framework of the Event a training conference will be held in which Latvian scientists, honourable professors and the representatives of the ICT sector will participate.

The purpose of the conference is sharing professional experience and knowledge in the field of the latest technology and research.

At the end of the Event there will be a traditional party to which the students, teachers and representatives of the ICT sector are welcome.

More information about the Programmers' Day in Latvia is available here.


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