Program structure Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management | TSI

Program structure Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management

Courses – Block A

05 B k12Bachelor's thesis and its defence10
05 B 111Entrepreneurship4
05 B 334Essentials of Management4
05 B 216Fundamentals of Risk Management4
05 B 001Higher Mathematics8
05 B 269International Business2
05 B 921Introduction to Digital Marketing2
05 B 333Introduction to Studies2
B-04-142Labour Safety, Civil Defence and Environment Protection2
05 B 102Macroeconomics4
05 B 336Managerial analysis4
05 B 109Marketing4
05 B 101Microeconomics4
05 B 337Operation Management4
05 B 203Personnel Management4
05 B 206Project Management2
05 B 338Resource Planning and Control4
05 B 006Statistics4


Courses – Block B

05 B 110Accounting4
05 B 115Business Activity Legal Regulation4
05 B 217Business Process Reengineering2
05 B 005Business Relations Psychology2
05 P 207Corporate Finances4
05 B 250English for career management2
05 B 058Foreign Language2
05 P 301Fundamentals of Logistics2
BP-05-01Information Technologies 12
BP-05-02Information Technologies 22
05 B 177Management and Organisation Theory2
05 B 314Optimization Theories and Methods2
05 B 202Organizational Behaviour2
05 B 003Philosophy2
05 B 251Professional Business English4
05 B 004Social Psychology and Sociology2
05 B 208Standardization and Quality Control2
05 B 118Taxes and Taxation2


Courses – Block C

05 C 000Subject of Free Choice4
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